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We are pleased to offer you our expertise, knowledge, real world experience and proven capabilities to provide additional insight, skill and depth of understanding by working cooperatively with you to expand your operation’s potential and find creative solutions for the challenges you face. We examine your issues from a different perspective; seeking to foresee problems and address them before they even arise. When problems do arise, we work collaboratively with your team and integrate our unique background to develop quick and cost efficient solutions. 

Our consultant was a commercial attorney for 25 years where he acquired expertise that is advantageous to the efficient and effective resolution of the business issues you encounter on a daily basis. Working side-by-side with management tackling various matters including acquisitions and sales of businesses or assets, contracts, negotiation and documentation of loans and leases, loan workouts/modifications, frauds, hiring and firing of employees, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, franchising, licensing, corporate governance, dissolutions of business organizations and relationships, raising capital, sales of goods, providing services to customers, and collections; he gained a thorough understanding of the businessperson’s perspectives, needs and desires. These experiences permit us to view your challenges in a manner different than others in your organization and implement solutions that you might not otherwise consider.

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We are delighted to offer our mediation services to help you resolve your present dispute.

While the ultimate decision to settle is yours to make; our vast experience being in the trenches provides us with extensive knowledge and insight which will help the parties’ place their dispute in perspective, understand the challenges they face, and gain a practical understanding of the realities of litigation which will assist them in making a prudent determination and drive the best deal possible.

Mediation begins for us well before you arrive at the conference. We start by reviewing whatever materials you think would be useful (a summary, pleadings, discovery, authorities, expert reports, etc.). We typically have questions for all parties at the start of the conference, not only to better understand the dispute and what it might take to resolve it, but also geared toward getting the parties to further evaluate their positions and alternative solutions. If a solution is not reached at the conference, we follow up with all parties after giving them a few days to cool down and reflect. Sometimes a resolution requires a step-by-step process, a different participant, or more information. We assist to devise and implement a process through which the parties can work toward a mutually acceptable solution. We will be there with you throughout this journey, proactively moving toward a satisfactory result. 

We know what you are going through; we’ve been there. We appreciate what it takes to try a case. We understand the risks involved and the costs; not just monetary but the time taken from your business and the aggravation. 

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